Hiring a Designer Pre-Construction

Building a new home or buying a home pre-construction from a builder or developer can be an exciting venture. Let me let you in on a secret: developers and contractors are not interior designers. And, even though some developers have an architect or designer on staff, the guided expertise of an interior design professional whose only allegiance is to their client is invaluable.

Often times I meet with prospective clients who are in the planning process of building their new home. Many of these prospective clients don't understand the value of working with a designer pre-construction. I always try to stress the value of working with a designer from the very start of project planning and design. And here are just a few reasons why:

The Details

It is hard to imagine the countless number of details that must be considered and decisions that must be made at almost every stage of the project. And, many of the design choices that are made at the very beginning of the project will have a direct impact on the final outcome of the project, months after the initial choice was made.


An interior designer is usually the direct point of contact for the contractor, serving as a go-between for the client and crew. This relationship expedites the process and often times minimizes mistakes that can happen during construction. As a result, they can defuse or altogether avoid stressful situations.

Budget Control

While the general contractor discuss the costs of features from their recent projects, an interior designer has a better sense of the cost of a wider variety of features. From a budgeting and planning perspective, the designer can guide you and advise you through your fixture, finishes and furniture selections. This can help you get what you want and stay true to your budget.

Quality Control

To avoid the disappointment of discovering small errors well after a project is complete, an interior designer with an architectural background — such as myself — has an eye trained for architectural detail. This helps elevate the quality and precision of your project, ensuring it will be one you are pleased with for years to come.

Design Theme Consistency

Say you plan to remodel your house over a period of several years, tackling one project at a time as your budget allows. An interior designer can help you develop a long-range plan that will keep your design theme consistent, giving the appearance that it was all done at the same time.

Your Time and Money

While the initial cost of an interior designer may seem intimidating, they can actually save you time and money. A project done right the first time is always less expensive than one fraught with errors and more timely than one carried out in your spare time. Plus, it will look better and you’ll be more satisfied with the results. Let us help you realize your dream.

The best partnerships between home owner, interior designer and contractor/developer happen when the process is started together, from the beginning, with the common goal of making a unique and lasting home for which we can all be proud.

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