Many of our projects include the remodel of historic properties as well as the construction of new homes in the historic style. We enjoy working hand-in-hand with our clients' architects and builders from the initial planning phase of the project and through completion. By doing this, we can plan for and incorporate details that will later be built in the construction and design phase of the project.

By working alongside the architect and builder from the onset of the project, we are involved in the budgeting and planning of interior fixtures and finish materials. This provides the homeowner with greater cost control on the overall project budget.

We continue to work alongside the best architects and contractors in our area. Our experience, attention to detail and technical approach also benefits the architect and streamlines the process for the builder.

Our approach is always team-driven. We consider our contribution to be an integral component to the success of the overall project and to the final design of the home's interior and exterior spaces.